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Art & Soul Tattoo Co Inc

2600 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Yes! We take walk ins. Usually, an artist is available to help you out. It is always best to call first to make sure someone is available. Out of town clients should not wait until their last few days to come in. Some artists may be busy and prefer appointments and may need drawing time. Every profile will explain their preference. Contact the artist of your choice either by calling our studio or e-mail them directly through their page. The only way to make an appointment online is to e-mail the artist of your choice through  their page. You must discuss this with them. If you want a general appointment and don't have a specific artist in mind, please CALL OR COME INTO the studio. We are all very busy artists and don't check e-mails often & please allow us a few days to reply. The quickest way to get an appointment or more information is to CALL OR COME INTO the studio!


If you don't see your answers here, call us! 310 202 7203

NO! Even if you have a parent or guardian approve your tattoo, it is still ILLEGAL for us to tattoo you. You are not old enough to sign a waiver, so we cannot tattoo you. Even if you found a tattoo studio who will tattoo minors, they are not obeying the kaws,  If they don't obey laws, are they keeping their equipment sterile? NO THEY AREN'T!!! You could get an ugly tattoo or a SEVERE INFECTON or even a FLESH EATING DISEASE by getting tattooed at a place who will work on minors. Besides, most young bodies are not finished growing until around 18 years old. Do you want your tattoo to look like crap if you keep growing?




No, we do not send designs to people over the internet. Try google images.  You will get thousands of designs for free. We get about 700 hits a day, and cannot fufill everyone's request. If you still can't find anything, come in and see our library of art books from around the world or meet with an artist. who will design something custom for you. We are all artists and we love doing custom designs, so if you need someone to work with you on your design, come in and meet with us!



We have a policy to not quote prices over the phone or internet. There are so many factors that we need to know about in order to give you an accurate estimate. Our tattoos start at $80 and go up from there. To get a price quote, you must come in to discuss the price of your tattoo


Call us if you have further questions or come and visit us, we would be glad to help you out!

MINORS: STILL NOT CONVINCED? Want to get inked by an idiot who just wants to take your money? DON'T BE THEIR BITCH! Scratchers who tattoo minors only want your money. They don't care about doing a good job, because they already think you're an idiot anyway. Save yourself the hassle of a bad tattoo, bad infection or life-long disease from these butchers. We cover up those kinds of tattoos every day. Give yourself time to decide. Some laws are made to protect people from stupidity.


The BEST way is to CALL OR COME INTO the studio.

We are all busy artists and do not check our e-mails often. We can help you better and faster over the phone or in person. The quickest way to get an appointment or more information is to CALL OR COME INTO the studio! We require down payments for custom tattoos, that's why it's best to meet with an artist in studio to discuss your  ideas,  get a quote and leave a down payment to secure your appointment.

If you are coming in from out of town, you may contact the artist of your choice via e-mail to book the appointment, discuss the idea and send us a deposit via paypal to:

If you want a custom tattoo, be prepared to leave a nominal deposit in cash. If you show up for your appointment, the deposit is deducted from the cost of your tattoo If you change your mind and/or make the artist crazy with idea or design changes, the deposit will go towards drawing time for the artist ($50 per hour). We don't charge for drawings if you are firm on ideas and show up for your appointment.