Art & Soul Tattoo Co Inc 2600 S Robertson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90034 United States


Erika started tattooing in 1993 then established Art & Soul Tattoo Co. in 1996 with the help of some dear friends. Erika still runs Art & Soul Tattoo hands-on, with the help of Jim, Steve and Adam. She tattoos on the road frequently and has a demanding travel schedule so please be patient when trying to book an appointment with her.

Her 20 years in the worldwide tattoo community as a successful, award winning and highly sought-after tattoo artist has given her the experience of a lifetime that she is truly grateful for. She is currently using her experiences to work on three books on tattooing.

All the artists and guest artists at Art & Soul are hand-picked by Erika for their talent and professionalism. She is not only the founder of Art & Soul, but also a devoted customer. Most of her tattoos were done by artists who work at Art & Soul. If she trusts them, so should you. So if you can't get an appointment with her, definitely get an appointment by one of the other available artists.

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